Friday, January 9, 2009

PFNTS - Challenge One Results

First of all, I would like to congratulate SarahStarship on her mini challenge win. Her set was very chic. It would have been great if it wasn't eco friendly. But every single piece was. Which definitely made it green. Since the judging of this challenge is done through a point system, I decided to reward her with 4 bonus points. Here is her winning set:

Go Green.
Go Green. by Sarah Starship.™

I'd also like to mention dashstarr's set because it was really really great.

Go GREEN! by Miss Dash [off]

Now for judging. How this is going to work...I am going to offer up a critique of each of your entries. This isn't meant to be rude, so please please please don't take it this way. It's constructive criticism. After the critiques I am going to call each of your names from highest score to lowest until we are left with the bottom two. Then it's the drama and the inevitable disappointment. So here we go.

Critiques, in no particular order.

ducktape: I personally love that your set wasn't too costume-y and completely wearable...By the brave. Short shorts are always amazing. A nice bit of spunk for this outfit. The layout was fantastic. There is the matter of matching the accessories though. As one judge said, "I'm not sure if the clutch is the best option with this particular outfit." And I must agree. Also, you might want to work in some jewelry to add a little bit more points of interest. Your layout is great.

Stylechix19: Your set was very wearable. I like the colour theme. It could have used a little extra oomph though. It may have been a little too safe. But really great nonetheless. In regards to the layout, it may have been just a little too much background. It's hard to find a point of focus. One judge said, "The set felt a little too busy, I wasn't quite sure where to look at times." And we all pretty much agree.

monkeyonice: Your set has a lot of potential. But it doesn't seem to be quite there yet. Personally, you have my favourite shoes of the challenge. It's indisputable among the judges that the items you chose were fantastic and very obviously circus inspired. However, it may have been too much all in one. I think without the jacket, this set would have been so much greater. You need to work on your layout. The layout can make an otherwise interesting set look kind of boring. The balance was off. "It goes from too much on the left side to not much at all on the right," is what one judge had to say. One of the judges also thought that there was far too much white space. Try to work on that.

doxophobia: You surprised me with your choices here. As well, as another judge, "I would never have thought of using that dress." I honestly had to look at it for a minute and wonder whether I thought circus while looking at this. And I do. Your accessories are fantastic and your layout is good. Very well balanced. You did good with this set, but next time strive for great!

oxia: I feel like your set was just alright. And for the most part the judges agree. I love that it's so bright and colourful. And your layout is very interesting. But I just feel like there wasn't enough. Like the set was missing a lot in the outfit department. You are definitely a stand out in this competition at this point though oxia. You're the only one to have taken the challenge into the clown direction. The judges were impressed by your creativity, "she has just this happy thing going on which I totally like."

lovelierlala: First of all, your name sucks to type. Just putting that out there. Haha. You, my dear, are also a stand out in this competition thus far. I love love love mixed patterns. But another judge disagrees, "The patterns were a bit too much and not really circus-y." So, you are already a topic of disagreement. Nonetheless, you have a definite stand out style and that is certainly appreciated. Your layout...Well, none of us are sure what to think of it. It's not terrible, but it is kind of boring. You might want to work on something to give it more appeal.

SarahStarship: Your set was fantastic. The outfit was beautiful and very wearable. Obviously circus inspired without being too cliche. I loved it. The layout...I understand what you're trying to do with it and if this style works for you, then by all means use it. I think it could use some polishing though. "The presentation could have been better. Some items are tiny and others are in your face big," is what one of the judges thought. Myself and the other judges also agree. You might want to work on resizing and rearranging some of your items so that everything is seen enough to give off the full effect of the outfit. I personally would have liked to have been able to see more of that gorgeous skirt.

LisaMay: Unfortunately, disqualified.

yashila: I'm announcing a disqualification, but to be honest I'm not 100% sure if she even verified her participation. Either way, she will not continue on in the competition.

indecisive_demoniac: One of the judges said, "I loved that you chose a specific character from the circus. I felt you executed that theme well, but the arrangement could have been better. It's a bit messy. The items down in the bottom look thrown in, and they are hard to see." And personally I feel she got that spot on. Another judge said, "It's definitely original and the only "punk circus" look, but I'm afraid it looks a bit too stripper-ish. Just a little, though." Here's the thing with you...You have a very unique aesthetic. I for one, appreciate your view of fashion and for the most part, like it. But generally, most people are confused by it. My advice to you, is to find a way to translate your style in a way that will keep the average person interested or intrigued. You're a tricky one. I think you have tons of potential, but I don't know if you can keep some of the other judges seeing what I do. In regards to your layout...It needs less chaos. A lot of things look like they're just thrown in. A lot of things could have just been eliminated. Overall, you're headed in the right direction. You're still a little rough around the edges though.

dashstarr: aka Miss Dash. :) "The ringmaster is always a pimp. This is why," is what one judge had to say about your set. Your set was fantastic. The outfit itself was very wearable and certainly very ringmaster inspired. Every item is really really great. Except the gloves. It wasn't that you added gloves, or that they didn't fit the theme. It was the pastel colour. You're better to leave the item out entirely, then put it in and have it not fit right. You know what I mean? Your layout is also great. Your items are all very clear....except those gorgeous bracelets. Other than that, great job.

Leonette: I really like your layout. I don't know if it was intentional, but it kind of looks like a girl standing in front of the circus. It must have been intentional. I like the layout a lot. Maybe try placing the items in the bottom a little better though. I mean, it's not poorly done, but try to do something that looks a little more appealing there. As for the outfit...Well, one judge said this, "Again, doesn't feel very circus-y to me. It just feels and looks a little thrown together." And we all agree. I'm thinking you had a really hard time with this challenge. It just...looks like you didn't put any effort into it. And I really don't think it's wearable. It's very elementary. None of the judges really had anything good to say about the outfit. I'm sorry.

jenage: Also, very unfortunately, disqualified.

BluegrassGalBB: "I had a hard time figuring this out, and without the shoes, it's pretty pedestrian and not very exciting," is what one judge had to say. And it's basically the same across the board. I like that you used the high necked top...But it's still not circus-y at all. It's actually very disappointing. The boots are great. But that's really it. There are no accessories at all. The outfit isn't awful, it's just boring. Your layout also needs a lot of work. It's far too jammed up and the placement of certain items makes the set look even more drab. You really need to work on this all around. There's some definite potential there though. You have a great idea here, but you should have taken more risk.

So there we have it, the painful critiques. And I bet you're all assuming that because there were three disqualifications there will be no elimination...Well, you thought too soon. So, here we go. Fingers crossed.

I have eleven talented young ladies before me. But I will only call ten names. And those names will represent the ladies still in the running to become Polvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Let's get started. (haha, that gave me the giggles.)

SarahStarship...You have the highest score this week. Congratulations. You are still in the running.

ducktape...Congratulations my dear. You're stuck with us for another round.

dashstarr...You are also still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

lovelierlala...I know you were anxious to hear this. I am happy to finally be able to tell you that you are safe for another round.

doxophobia...You are also with us for another challenge.

indecisive_demoniac...I think you're great. You have another chance to make the judges see why.

Stylechix19...You are still in the running darling.

oxia...You, and your colourful goodness, are still in the running to being Polyore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

monkeyonice...You are safe this week.

Now, will Leonette and BluegrassGalBB please step forward. I have two lovely ladies with all the potential standing in front of me, but I only have one name to call. The person's name I call will still be in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. The name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

Both of you seem to have similar problems. Your layouts have a lot of potential, and so does your style. You just NEED to put more effort in. So, who stays, and who goes?




......... are still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.


BluegrassGalBB...I'm sorry. I lied. You're also still in the running to becoming Polyvore's Next Top Stylist. Sorry for making you pee yourself. Congratulations! ...On still being in the running, not peeing yourself. Work your butt off darling, we know you have it in you. I can't wait to see what you have for me next week.

Congratulations to everyone for making it through. This was a great first week. Keep up the good work. ;)

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