Friday, January 16, 2009

Challenge 2 Results.

So, as we did last week, I would like to congratulate our min-challenge winner!!! Stylechix won some early criticism on her challenge two entry and the chance to make some changes. Congratulations Stylechix!!!

Now on to business. Here are your set critiques for the Makeover challenge. In no particular order.

SarahStarship: I am the furthest thing from a prep, and I would wear your set in a heartbeat. Is that good or bad? Well, it's definitely good because you made prep cool. Myself and all of the judges loved your colour choices here. Those shoes and tights...Wow. Your layout can still use some improvement. Not much, but some. "The proportions seem a little off (mostly the shoe)," was one judges opinion. Personally, the shoes proportion didn't bother me. The earrings did. I barely noticed them back there. Overall though, you did a really great job.

Ducktape: This one baffled you. And I apologize. Glam is like the indie chick's worst nightmare. (PS. I made an attempt at glam. It was soooo difficult.) I was so glad when I saw this set though. You made it work. It isn't great, but it's definitely glam, and it's definitely ducktape. The dress was a perfect choice. One judge said, "My only complaints are the glasses. They're rad, but not really 'glam.' I think a sexy, crazy pump would have been better than an ankle boot." I see her point with the glasses, but I still think they work. The boots, however, don't seem quite right to me either. A sexy pump would have been a better plan. Your layout is great, as one judge said, "You're the best with layouts."

Dashstarr: Your set was so so pretty. I loved it. And so did the other judges. "The set is very visually appealing. It's close to perfect," said one judge. And another judge said, "The glasses got me. They're an unexpected, but sweet touch." I honestly don't know what exactly to say in terms of critique for you because everybody just loved this set. The only complaint was that your layout was a little bit cluttered. I personally loved it. But this may be something you could work on for your next entry.

Lala: Those boots!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Perfection!!! Overall, you could see the emo inspiration. You had some really great pieces in there. I love that tee. Some of your other choices were questionable though. "I’m not sure about is the floral scarf," was one judge's opinion. Myself and another judge seriously questioned your choice of pants. Kakhis (sp?) really just aren't fashionable....Ever. And they really aren't emo. Your layout is definitely improving. "Whatever you changed this time, it works," is what one judge has to say and the rest of the judges agree. It still needs some perfecting, but it's definitely working.

doxophobia: I was really hoping you'd have more fun with this theme. I'm sorry to say, but your set just kind of falls flat. It's not nearly as exciting as it should have been. Some of your choices were great and the set has so much potential. But overall it's a bit of a disappointment. One judge said, "It's a fantastic outfit with lots of style, but it's kinda boring to be such a fun set." I mean, the set was alright. It was just missing that special something that you usually have in your sets. Your layout isn't terrible, but it isn't inspiring at all. You seem to have lost yourself in this one doxophobia.

indecisive_demoniac: I love how fantasy-esque your sets are. This one made me think of an elf. But a totally cool elf who wears kick ass boots. The belt was a beautiful touch as well. One judge had a lot to say, "This set is obviously one of hers. That's fantastic. I see where she is making an effort to try some new things, but
I still see room for improvement....there is a lot going on in the background to distract my attention." And I completely agree. I feel like your background pieces (very beautiful) tend to overwhelm the outfit. Try to find a little more balance there. Overall though, I think you showed through more than anyone else in this particular challenge. This set, even though it isn't really your style, really shows part of who you are. Great job!

Stylechix: Hip hop is fun. And you really went into a fun direction with it. I personally loved your accessories. The glasses, shoes, earrings and bag were amazing. I think a big problem the judges are seeing is with your layout. One judge said, "Everything was so pushed together with similar colors that it feels overwhelming." Another said, " Again, too much background. I can't tell which ones are the items." It's just way too much. Far too cluttered. It gets a little confusing, looking at this.

oxia: The reason I gave you this style theme: It's my favourite. Edgy Mod is kinda my thing. I'm in love with the look. I wanted to see what you would do with it. I was expecting something fresh and playful...But got something kind of goth. It's a slight disappointment for me. The other judges mostly thought that it was alright. It didn't really pop the same way your sets usually do. And personally, I think the skirt choice was a really poor one. Had you chosen a different bottom to this outfit, I think it would have made a HUGE difference. Your choice of accessories was spot on and that little picture on the right was really neat. For your layout, it's not bad. But a little unbalanced. "I just think the layout is a bit bare at the top," was one judge's opinion. And we all pretty much agree. Not a big deal. But work on it.

monkeyonice: I'm glad you like your new layout style. Most of the judges see it as an improvement. Just don't let it get too busy in that billboard. The set is good. I think you really chose the right ideas...But I think it could have been executed better. In the future, try to pick out more unique pieces. Just one piece in a set that is really fabulous and different can bring up the wow factor a lot. Overall, the judges really thought you interpreted this theme very well, "Very Hollywood glamour! I loved her interpretation of this theme."

Leonette: I liked your cute little story behind the bag. The bag is great, by the way. Grunge/Indie is a difficult because everyone has such a different idea of what this means. The judges were split on whether or not you hit the theme. The judges all agreed, however, that the set is amazing. The set is wearable and it has these neat little touches that just really make it stand out. Your layout is well balanced and very well done. You also picked the perfect pictures. They really compliment your set and theme. Great job!!!

BluegrassGalBB: This set is alright. The outfit is alright. It works with your theme. It doesn't have much personality and it's a little Sears catalogue-y. Try to work on giving your sets a little more personality, even if it's not a theme you feel is really you. Your layout isn't bad. But the judges feel, "I really don't like pictures of the models like that in sets unless it's actually photographed to be 'artwork.'" We all agreed. You need to work on finding artwork that works better for the set. The models in this one set the colour off and they really weren't that interesting to look at. This set, is an overall improvement though.

So, now we move on from the critique to the inevitable elimination. I will call your names starting with the highest scoring set, down to the bottom two. Good luck.

I have eleven talented young ladies before me. But I will only call ten names. And those names will represent the ladies still in the running to become Polvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Let's get started.

dashstarr...You are this week's highest scoring contestant. Congratulations.

SarahStarship...You are still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

Leonette...You are the first contestant to receive a perfect score from one of our judges. So, of course, you are still in the running.

monkeyonice....Your new look is a hit. You're still in the running.

ducktape....You, glam queen, are also still in the running.


Stylechix....Show us a different colour theme next week. ;)

Lala....Now that your name is easier for me to type, you can stick around for another round.

BluegrassGalBB...You've just barely made it in. Keep improving my dear.

Now, will oxia and doxophobia please step forward. I have two talented young ladies standing before me. Nobody expected to see you here. But, unfortunately, I only have one of your names to call. The person's name I call will still be in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. The name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

Again, both of our bottom two ladies have the same problem. You lost yourselves this week. You need to learn to be able to transform yourselves ladies. The fashion industry isn't JUST for one kind of style. You need to be able to pull off all fashion ideals. So, who stays and who goes?





oxia...You are still in the running to be Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Congratulations.

doxophobia...I'm so sorry. But this is where it ends for you. It was a pleasure.

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