Friday, January 30, 2009

Challenge 4 Results.

First of, congratulations to our mini challenge winner...ducktape. Here is her fantastically amazing set:

Vacant Eyes and Cupcakes
Vacant Eyes and Cupcakes - by ducktape on

Challenge Four Entry Ciritiques:

SarahStarship: You quickly moved from being the strongest in the competition to one of the weakest. This set is so weak in every aspect. I'm shocked. It's very drab and it lacks the feisty-ness that is Puss in Boots. It's also not very stylish at all. The overall layout isn't quite as appealing as usual. Overall, it needs some work...And I think you know this.

ducktape: Wow. You really showed us what you are all about all over again. Thank-you! This is fabulous!!! One of the judges said this, "I love that she was so into the challenge that she even came up with her own back story, retelling for the story." It was very evident that you were very inspired by this challenge. It's perfection. My only problem is that I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of those jeans. I kind of had to look for them. Still great though.

lala: I love your silence idea. So clever. The set was cute. Every item had a very obvious inspiration. Except for those shoes...What is up with those? They don't really fit. But overall, your set definitely gives off that mermaid feel. A lot of pieces in your set seem very random though. Like the lipstick and the placement of the tights. "Presentation-wise, legs usually just don't work in a set. There's not a great way to arrange them," is what one judge said. Try to work on your layout.

indecisive: Personally, I love that you drew inspiration from something other than Belle. Belle sets are tiresome. I looked at your set and thought that it was a very refreshing take on the classic fairytale. Not everyone agrees with my point of view though, " Just by looking, I couldn't tell what fairytale you were presenting." Some judges feel that you're still all over the place and others feel like you're headed in the right direction, "I love that she is branching out—definitely different from PP—but still keeps her own style." I think what it comes down to, is just doing what you feel is right. Don't lose yourself for the sake of this competition. I love what you are doing. I love seeing you try new things.

Stylechix: This is great. There's a very obvious inspiration here. You did a great job and this is definitely your best set yet. However, one judge said, "What I am trying to say is that there is a lot going on here. Almost too much. I am not quite sure where to look, and it doesn't make a nice picture altogether." You need to learn when enough is enough. You've gone from not accessorizing enough to over-accessorizing. Find the happy medium. Your layout is looking good though. Very well balanced.

dashstarr: Your set is alright, but I feel like you're giving us one note. We've seen this same style time and time again. Give us something new. Your layout is well done and the set does make you think of Thumbelina. It not much of a standout though. " It's just too washed-out looking. I wasn't thrilled," is what one judge said. You're another contestant that started out at the top. You're starting to lag behind though. You need to pick up on the creativity and give us something fresh.

Bluegrass: Your set is kind of costume-y. I can see someone wearing this to belly dancing class, but anywhere else...I don't think so. The judges all felt like your set was unfinished, "This doesn’t seem to be very “finished.” I feel like if she’d added a picture or background the “atmosphere” would have been better." And I have to agree. There just doesn't seem to be enough going on here. It's not exciting in the least and this far in the competition, you really should have your shit together. It seems silly to be making the mistake of the unfinished look at this point.

Leonette: You shocked us this week. Your set was completely unexpected. First off, your layout is perfection. It's well balanced and every item is completely visible. Great!!! As far as the outfit is concerned, it's really good. It's kind of bordering on costume-y, so in the future you may want to hold back a little. But overall it's fantastic. One of the judges said this, "Goldilocks, the sex goddess!" Then she said I didn't have to post that part, but I couldn't help it. I think that small phrase captures the feel of your set perfectly.

oxia: Your layout is definitely your strong point. It's perfect. Very appealing, very storybook like. Creative and beautiful. Your set though, in my opinion is boring and not wearable in the least. I think your choice of top, paired with those particular shoes is a big mistake. I think it looks very...drab. One judge said, "Just too costume-y for me, I think. Does it look practical? I don't think so." I definitely do not see this as wearable. Myself and the other judges are looking for a little bit more spice in your sets. You wowed us in the first week, but ever since then we've just been waiting to see something great.

And now, here we are. I have nine stunning young polyvorians in front of me. But I will only call eight names. And those names will represent the ladies still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. And the first name is...

ducktape...I worship you. You're still in.

Leonette...You've managed to come all this way. You've gone from the bottom to the top in four short weeks. Congrats! I hope to see you stay here. ;)

Stylechix...You're still in the running to be Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

lala....Congratulations. You're still in.

dashstarr...You need to work your way back up. Show us you're still amazing.

indecisive...You're still in the running.

oxia...You're safe.

So, here we are. Will BluegrassGalBB and SarahStarship please step forward. I have two beautiful young ladies standing before me. I only have one name left to call. The person's name I call will still be in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. The name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

BluegrassGalBB...You've struggled through this whole challenge so far. You were starting to work your way up and then you seem to have fallen back into old habits.

SarahStarship...You've been so great so far. There's no reason for you to come up with such a boring and unstylish set. You're better than that and we know it.

So who stays, and who goes?





SarahStarship, wow us again. We want to see the old you again. This week should never happen again. You're still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

BluegrassGalBB, I'm sorry. You're no longer in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. It was a pleasure.

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