Friday, January 30, 2009

Challenge 4 Results.

First of, congratulations to our mini challenge winner...ducktape. Here is her fantastically amazing set:

Vacant Eyes and Cupcakes
Vacant Eyes and Cupcakes - by ducktape on

Challenge Four Entry Ciritiques:

SarahStarship: You quickly moved from being the strongest in the competition to one of the weakest. This set is so weak in every aspect. I'm shocked. It's very drab and it lacks the feisty-ness that is Puss in Boots. It's also not very stylish at all. The overall layout isn't quite as appealing as usual. Overall, it needs some work...And I think you know this.

ducktape: Wow. You really showed us what you are all about all over again. Thank-you! This is fabulous!!! One of the judges said this, "I love that she was so into the challenge that she even came up with her own back story, retelling for the story." It was very evident that you were very inspired by this challenge. It's perfection. My only problem is that I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of those jeans. I kind of had to look for them. Still great though.

lala: I love your silence idea. So clever. The set was cute. Every item had a very obvious inspiration. Except for those shoes...What is up with those? They don't really fit. But overall, your set definitely gives off that mermaid feel. A lot of pieces in your set seem very random though. Like the lipstick and the placement of the tights. "Presentation-wise, legs usually just don't work in a set. There's not a great way to arrange them," is what one judge said. Try to work on your layout.

indecisive: Personally, I love that you drew inspiration from something other than Belle. Belle sets are tiresome. I looked at your set and thought that it was a very refreshing take on the classic fairytale. Not everyone agrees with my point of view though, " Just by looking, I couldn't tell what fairytale you were presenting." Some judges feel that you're still all over the place and others feel like you're headed in the right direction, "I love that she is branching out—definitely different from PP—but still keeps her own style." I think what it comes down to, is just doing what you feel is right. Don't lose yourself for the sake of this competition. I love what you are doing. I love seeing you try new things.

Stylechix: This is great. There's a very obvious inspiration here. You did a great job and this is definitely your best set yet. However, one judge said, "What I am trying to say is that there is a lot going on here. Almost too much. I am not quite sure where to look, and it doesn't make a nice picture altogether." You need to learn when enough is enough. You've gone from not accessorizing enough to over-accessorizing. Find the happy medium. Your layout is looking good though. Very well balanced.

dashstarr: Your set is alright, but I feel like you're giving us one note. We've seen this same style time and time again. Give us something new. Your layout is well done and the set does make you think of Thumbelina. It not much of a standout though. " It's just too washed-out looking. I wasn't thrilled," is what one judge said. You're another contestant that started out at the top. You're starting to lag behind though. You need to pick up on the creativity and give us something fresh.

Bluegrass: Your set is kind of costume-y. I can see someone wearing this to belly dancing class, but anywhere else...I don't think so. The judges all felt like your set was unfinished, "This doesn’t seem to be very “finished.” I feel like if she’d added a picture or background the “atmosphere” would have been better." And I have to agree. There just doesn't seem to be enough going on here. It's not exciting in the least and this far in the competition, you really should have your shit together. It seems silly to be making the mistake of the unfinished look at this point.

Leonette: You shocked us this week. Your set was completely unexpected. First off, your layout is perfection. It's well balanced and every item is completely visible. Great!!! As far as the outfit is concerned, it's really good. It's kind of bordering on costume-y, so in the future you may want to hold back a little. But overall it's fantastic. One of the judges said this, "Goldilocks, the sex goddess!" Then she said I didn't have to post that part, but I couldn't help it. I think that small phrase captures the feel of your set perfectly.

oxia: Your layout is definitely your strong point. It's perfect. Very appealing, very storybook like. Creative and beautiful. Your set though, in my opinion is boring and not wearable in the least. I think your choice of top, paired with those particular shoes is a big mistake. I think it looks very...drab. One judge said, "Just too costume-y for me, I think. Does it look practical? I don't think so." I definitely do not see this as wearable. Myself and the other judges are looking for a little bit more spice in your sets. You wowed us in the first week, but ever since then we've just been waiting to see something great.

And now, here we are. I have nine stunning young polyvorians in front of me. But I will only call eight names. And those names will represent the ladies still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. And the first name is...

ducktape...I worship you. You're still in.

Leonette...You've managed to come all this way. You've gone from the bottom to the top in four short weeks. Congrats! I hope to see you stay here. ;)

Stylechix...You're still in the running to be Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

lala....Congratulations. You're still in.

dashstarr...You need to work your way back up. Show us you're still amazing.

indecisive...You're still in the running.

oxia...You're safe.

So, here we are. Will BluegrassGalBB and SarahStarship please step forward. I have two beautiful young ladies standing before me. I only have one name left to call. The person's name I call will still be in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. The name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

BluegrassGalBB...You've struggled through this whole challenge so far. You were starting to work your way up and then you seem to have fallen back into old habits.

SarahStarship...You've been so great so far. There's no reason for you to come up with such a boring and unstylish set. You're better than that and we know it.

So who stays, and who goes?





SarahStarship, wow us again. We want to see the old you again. This week should never happen again. You're still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

BluegrassGalBB, I'm sorry. You're no longer in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. It was a pleasure.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Challenge 3 Results.

As usual, I am going to start out by congratulating our mini challenge winner this week. Lovelierlala. Here is her fantastically amazing set:

1985 - by lovelierlala on

Alright, so before we get down to business I'd like to thank my wonderfully amazing beautiful brilliant judges. I don't know if you've noticed, but three of our four judges are the finale competitors for Project Polyvore 2. justagirl, harpweaver, and princess70xox. We also have reina peligrosa, who is certainly fabulous in her own right. And then, obviously, myself. All five of us have very different tastes. Sometimes a set I absolutely adore isn't a big hit with the other ladies and thus ends up with a lower score. Something you do may not always apply to our specific tastes but we try to be unbiased and we try to see it from a broad perspective. This shite ain't easy girls. So, I'm really sorry if you disagree with our judging. We really are trying to be as fair as possible.

Anyhow, here we are with your personal critiques...

oxia: I'm an Aries oxia. So, I was delighted when I gave you my sign. But...I'm not very excited about your set. It is fashionable, the layout is good. It's not very creative though. It's just kind of bland. None of the judges were overly thrilled about your set this week, "The set is pretty, it just feels lackluster this week. There's not much else I have to say about it." I mean, it was good. But good just doesn't cut it anymore. Step up darling.

Bluegrass: I have to say, I think your layout this week was brilliant. It surprised me to see that you thought of something so clever. I think it is absolutely brilliant. As far as your outfit is concerned, it's good. Not great, but good. All of the judges had some issues with the colours you chose. You did choose the proper main colour, but going monochromatic with it might have been the wrong decision. Monochromatic is tricky. "And, for me, if you are going to have a monochromatic outfit, the colors need to be exact," is what one judge had to say. Another said, " However, the bangle and the bag(s?) are too matchy-matchy and not even the same shade as the top." So work on your colours next time.

lala: So, princess70xox is a bit of a zodiac nerd. As am I. However, even in zodiac nerdy knowledge, there can be differences in opinion. I, personally, feel like you hit Cancer on the head. princess70xox feels it's not quite there. So, regardless, let's talk about your set. We all feel like you've come a long way in just three weeks. You really know how to pick some fantastic items. The issue now is that maybe not all of those items mesh. "I’m in love with the clutch and shoes, but they both have different styles from each other and the rest of the set," was one judge's opinion. And I have to agree. Your accessories didn't really go well together. Almost there, but not quite.

Stylechix: That dress is absolutely the perfect choice. Beautiful. I think though, that you might have gone just a little too far with the colour in the accessories. Think about it, would you really wear those bright red tights with this outfit? It's a little TOO colourful. Some muted tones would have made this set a lot more wearable. I think the judges were really split on this though. One judge said, "Those tights with those shoes don't really mesh well to me. The shoes don't seem to go well with that dress either." And another said, "Her colors, although predictable, are vibrant and work together perfectly." So, all I can really ask is that you think about the wearability of what you are pairing together. Your layout is looking very nicely balanced by the way.

indecisive: Honestly, when I saw this set I said "wow" out loud. I freaking love it!!! Again, you are a subject for discussion. The judges are split. Actually princess and I are split on your Virgo interpretation also. I think you hit it, she doesn't. I think what really impresses me about this set, is that it's very evident that you're trying to make a really big effort to make something that can appeal to more people, but you still keep it you. One judge said, "The colors are lovely—one of my favorite color schemes (blue and brown)." I've noticed this about your past sets as well, colour is your strong point. You pick beautiful colours and never really overdo it. Your layout is improving. I'd like to quote something one of the judges said about your set because I found it rather intriguing. "And from the legends I read, Virgo seems to be about the destruction of virginity and innocence, which is the feeling I’m getting from the pictures she chose." The thing I love about you indecisive is that you're a storyteller. I can look at one of your sets and see a whole story behind it. Not everyone can. Try to remember that.

ducktape: I just bought that perfume. Seriously. I looked at this set that night and was like "no way." Crazy coincidence. Anyway, one judge said, " You're always great, but this one just lacked that wow factor. We know your aesthetic and I was a little disappointed there wasn't like a surprise here, something unexpected." And I think she was completely right. Your set was pretty, but I kind of didn't see that extra ducktape edge in there. Kind of disappointing. ducktape, you have the great misfortune of being one of the competition favourites. Which means, expectations are a little higher for you. We know what you can do, and expect to see you be great consistently every week. This just wasn't quite there this week.

monkeyonice: "Scorpios are the sexy, sultry sign, and this outfit doesn't really live up to the sign's reputation. It's nice, but just doesn't match," I bet you can guess who said that. Um...I'm not too sure what to say. I didn't expect to see this outfit for Scorpio...Or for any sign actually. It's just so casual and...Uninspiring. The pieces that could have spiced it up a little are hidden in the back. It's just an all around let-down.

Leonette: First of all Leonette, I would like to apologize for giving you this sign. I have a huge bias toward this sign and realized it when I looked at your set. This should have been one of the two signs I omitted. Every Sagittarius I have ever known has been...well...angry and, unfortunately, physically violent. So, when I saw your serene set I was kind of baffled. After considering your set and redoing my research on the sign, I kind of took your interpretation to be that of the free-spirited archer. Anyway, it's very pretty. Our other zodiac expert (heehee) said this, " Pretty, but nowhere near the theme. Sagittarius is fiery, wild, passionate. This outfit is just too sweet." Your set was a big hit with a couple of the judges and considered to be mediocre by a couple others. I think your layout has a lot to do with it. I think it could have been arranged in a more pleasing way.

SarahStarship: Your set is beautiful. The colours are great. Very refreshing. I was a little surprised when I saw your set. This is a bit of a different direction for Aquarius than what I'm used to seeing. It definitely fits though. Overall, it's great. The only criticism is that you may have OVER-accessorized. Other than that your layout is great and creativity is very evident.

dashstarr: I love the individual pieces, but combining them kind of makes me see high school. It looks very semi-formal-like. Which, is alright I guess. It's just not very...sophisticated, I guess. I don't know. I wasn't very fond of it. The colour choices are beautiful though. A couple of judges really thought this was fantastic and that you really got Pisces down. One judge said, " It was creative, unusual, and ultimately a pleasant surprise." But another said, "I love all of the pieces independently, but not together!" As far as your layout is concerned, it's good. Some judges complained about some white space at the top, but it's not that big a deal.

And now, here we are. I have ten stunning young polyvorians in front of me. But I will only call nine names. And those names will represent the ladies still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. And the first name is...

SarahStarship...Congrats on another win. You're still in the running.

ducktape...Wow us again. You're still here.

lala...You're headed in the right direction. Don't turn back.

indecisive...You blew me away. And the other judges are coming around.

Stylechix...You're still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

dashstarr...You're safe.

Bluegrass....You are safe for another week.

Leonette...You are still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Congratulations.

So, here we are. Will monkeyonice and oxia please step forward. I have two beautiful young ladies standing before me. I only have one name left to call. The person's name I call will still be in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. The name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

oxia...You've been here before. Last week. You, my dear, had us loving you at the beginning. But you're having a hard time keeping us interested. We're not seeing enough personality from you.

monkeyonice...You had one of the easiest signs this week. And you failed. It didn't only lack personality, but it seemed to lack the passion for fashion that you need to win this competition.

So, who stays, and who goes?




oxia...You have another chance. Win us back darling. We know you have it in you.

monkeyonice...I'm truly sorry to see you go. You're lovely. But you no longer have a place in this competition.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge 3 Entries

It's in the Stars.

Each contestant was given a zodiac sign and they were to create their set based on this sign. They were expected to do some research into the sign and style their set accordingly.

So, here are this week's entries.

oxia (Aries)

...It's In the Stars...
...It's In the Stars... by ::oXia::

Bluegrass (Gemini)

Gemini. by Beyond.These.Walls

lala (Cancer)

the moon is mine
the moon is mine by lovelierlala

Stylechix (Leo)

King of The Jungle
King of The Jungle by StyleChix19 (a.k.a Speedy)

indecisive (Virgo)

PFNTS - C3 - It's In the Stars - Virgo
PFNTS - C3 - It's In the Stars - Virgo by indecisive_demoniac (~Lily)

ducktape (Libra)

For all the beautiful things
For all the beautiful things by ducktape

monkeyonice (Scorpio)

Sally Can Wait.
Sally Can Wait. by monkeyonice679 wants peace☮

Leonette (Saggitarius)

Sagittarius by Leonette

SarahStarship (Aquarius)

It's In The Stars.
It's In The Stars. by Sarah Starship.™

dashstarr (Pisces)

PFNTS by мιѕѕ ∂αѕн [off]

Saturday, January 17, 2009


doxophobia is the first person eliminated from Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Here are her entries to the competition:

Challenge One (Geek Love-Circus Inspiration)

by doxophobia

Challenge Two (Stylist Makeovers-Raver/Colourful Punk)

by doxophobia

Please visit her profile here:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Challenge 2 Results.

So, as we did last week, I would like to congratulate our min-challenge winner!!! Stylechix won some early criticism on her challenge two entry and the chance to make some changes. Congratulations Stylechix!!!

Now on to business. Here are your set critiques for the Makeover challenge. In no particular order.

SarahStarship: I am the furthest thing from a prep, and I would wear your set in a heartbeat. Is that good or bad? Well, it's definitely good because you made prep cool. Myself and all of the judges loved your colour choices here. Those shoes and tights...Wow. Your layout can still use some improvement. Not much, but some. "The proportions seem a little off (mostly the shoe)," was one judges opinion. Personally, the shoes proportion didn't bother me. The earrings did. I barely noticed them back there. Overall though, you did a really great job.

Ducktape: This one baffled you. And I apologize. Glam is like the indie chick's worst nightmare. (PS. I made an attempt at glam. It was soooo difficult.) I was so glad when I saw this set though. You made it work. It isn't great, but it's definitely glam, and it's definitely ducktape. The dress was a perfect choice. One judge said, "My only complaints are the glasses. They're rad, but not really 'glam.' I think a sexy, crazy pump would have been better than an ankle boot." I see her point with the glasses, but I still think they work. The boots, however, don't seem quite right to me either. A sexy pump would have been a better plan. Your layout is great, as one judge said, "You're the best with layouts."

Dashstarr: Your set was so so pretty. I loved it. And so did the other judges. "The set is very visually appealing. It's close to perfect," said one judge. And another judge said, "The glasses got me. They're an unexpected, but sweet touch." I honestly don't know what exactly to say in terms of critique for you because everybody just loved this set. The only complaint was that your layout was a little bit cluttered. I personally loved it. But this may be something you could work on for your next entry.

Lala: Those boots!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Perfection!!! Overall, you could see the emo inspiration. You had some really great pieces in there. I love that tee. Some of your other choices were questionable though. "I’m not sure about is the floral scarf," was one judge's opinion. Myself and another judge seriously questioned your choice of pants. Kakhis (sp?) really just aren't fashionable....Ever. And they really aren't emo. Your layout is definitely improving. "Whatever you changed this time, it works," is what one judge has to say and the rest of the judges agree. It still needs some perfecting, but it's definitely working.

doxophobia: I was really hoping you'd have more fun with this theme. I'm sorry to say, but your set just kind of falls flat. It's not nearly as exciting as it should have been. Some of your choices were great and the set has so much potential. But overall it's a bit of a disappointment. One judge said, "It's a fantastic outfit with lots of style, but it's kinda boring to be such a fun set." I mean, the set was alright. It was just missing that special something that you usually have in your sets. Your layout isn't terrible, but it isn't inspiring at all. You seem to have lost yourself in this one doxophobia.

indecisive_demoniac: I love how fantasy-esque your sets are. This one made me think of an elf. But a totally cool elf who wears kick ass boots. The belt was a beautiful touch as well. One judge had a lot to say, "This set is obviously one of hers. That's fantastic. I see where she is making an effort to try some new things, but
I still see room for improvement....there is a lot going on in the background to distract my attention." And I completely agree. I feel like your background pieces (very beautiful) tend to overwhelm the outfit. Try to find a little more balance there. Overall though, I think you showed through more than anyone else in this particular challenge. This set, even though it isn't really your style, really shows part of who you are. Great job!

Stylechix: Hip hop is fun. And you really went into a fun direction with it. I personally loved your accessories. The glasses, shoes, earrings and bag were amazing. I think a big problem the judges are seeing is with your layout. One judge said, "Everything was so pushed together with similar colors that it feels overwhelming." Another said, " Again, too much background. I can't tell which ones are the items." It's just way too much. Far too cluttered. It gets a little confusing, looking at this.

oxia: The reason I gave you this style theme: It's my favourite. Edgy Mod is kinda my thing. I'm in love with the look. I wanted to see what you would do with it. I was expecting something fresh and playful...But got something kind of goth. It's a slight disappointment for me. The other judges mostly thought that it was alright. It didn't really pop the same way your sets usually do. And personally, I think the skirt choice was a really poor one. Had you chosen a different bottom to this outfit, I think it would have made a HUGE difference. Your choice of accessories was spot on and that little picture on the right was really neat. For your layout, it's not bad. But a little unbalanced. "I just think the layout is a bit bare at the top," was one judge's opinion. And we all pretty much agree. Not a big deal. But work on it.

monkeyonice: I'm glad you like your new layout style. Most of the judges see it as an improvement. Just don't let it get too busy in that billboard. The set is good. I think you really chose the right ideas...But I think it could have been executed better. In the future, try to pick out more unique pieces. Just one piece in a set that is really fabulous and different can bring up the wow factor a lot. Overall, the judges really thought you interpreted this theme very well, "Very Hollywood glamour! I loved her interpretation of this theme."

Leonette: I liked your cute little story behind the bag. The bag is great, by the way. Grunge/Indie is a difficult because everyone has such a different idea of what this means. The judges were split on whether or not you hit the theme. The judges all agreed, however, that the set is amazing. The set is wearable and it has these neat little touches that just really make it stand out. Your layout is well balanced and very well done. You also picked the perfect pictures. They really compliment your set and theme. Great job!!!

BluegrassGalBB: This set is alright. The outfit is alright. It works with your theme. It doesn't have much personality and it's a little Sears catalogue-y. Try to work on giving your sets a little more personality, even if it's not a theme you feel is really you. Your layout isn't bad. But the judges feel, "I really don't like pictures of the models like that in sets unless it's actually photographed to be 'artwork.'" We all agreed. You need to work on finding artwork that works better for the set. The models in this one set the colour off and they really weren't that interesting to look at. This set, is an overall improvement though.

So, now we move on from the critique to the inevitable elimination. I will call your names starting with the highest scoring set, down to the bottom two. Good luck.

I have eleven talented young ladies before me. But I will only call ten names. And those names will represent the ladies still in the running to become Polvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Let's get started.

dashstarr...You are this week's highest scoring contestant. Congratulations.

SarahStarship...You are still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

Leonette...You are the first contestant to receive a perfect score from one of our judges. So, of course, you are still in the running.

monkeyonice....Your new look is a hit. You're still in the running.

ducktape....You, glam queen, are also still in the running.


Stylechix....Show us a different colour theme next week. ;)

Lala....Now that your name is easier for me to type, you can stick around for another round.

BluegrassGalBB...You've just barely made it in. Keep improving my dear.

Now, will oxia and doxophobia please step forward. I have two talented young ladies standing before me. Nobody expected to see you here. But, unfortunately, I only have one of your names to call. The person's name I call will still be in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. The name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

Again, both of our bottom two ladies have the same problem. You lost yourselves this week. You need to learn to be able to transform yourselves ladies. The fashion industry isn't JUST for one kind of style. You need to be able to pull off all fashion ideals. So, who stays and who goes?





oxia...You are still in the running to be Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Congratulations.

doxophobia...I'm so sorry. But this is where it ends for you. It was a pleasure.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stylist Makeover Entries

So, this week, in true ANTM style...We did stylist makeovers. Here are the challenge details:

This is your challenge. Most people have a set style. Some people like to change it up a bit, but they generally fall under one category. Well, this week, you must change your style. I will choose a recent set that you have done. You must redo this set using only two of the same items (pictures and background pieces are not included as items) and make it fit your assigned "style".

And here are the entries:

BluegrassGalBB (Professional/Classy)

PFNTS: Makeover!
PFNTS: Makeover! by Beyond.These.Walls

Leonette (Grunge/Indie)

Teenage Riot
Teenage Riot by Leonette

monkeyonice (Vintage Hollywood)

Old Hollywood Glamour.
Old Hollywood Glamour. by monkeyonice679 wants peace☮

oxia (Edgy/Mod)

...Edgy Reconstruction...
...Edgy Reconstruction... by ::oXia::

Stylechix19 (Hip Hop/Urban Streetwear)

Fo Shizzle....
Fo Shizzle.... by StyleChix19 (a.k.a Speedy)

indecisive_demoniac (Hippie Chic)

PFNTS - C2 - Top Stylist Makeovers - Hippie Chic
PFNTS - C2 - Top Stylist Makeovers - Hippie Chic by indecisive_demoniac (~Lily)

doxophobia (Raver/Colourful Punk)

by doxophobia

lala (Emo/Goth)

how emo of you!
how emo of you! by lovelierlala

dashstarr (Romantic)

my heart is yearning, but paris is burning [popular sets 1-8-09]
my heart is yearning, but paris is burning [popular sets 1-8-09] by Miss Dash [on]

ducktape (Glam)

And now you're finally undressing, and I feel like I might die
And now you're finally undressing, and I feel like I might die by ducktape

SarahStarship (Preppy)

Top Stylist Makeovers.
Top Stylist Makeovers. by Sarah Starship.™

And there we have it. Results will be ready Friday night.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mini Challenge Number 2.

I had decided that I wasn't going to post the sets for the mini challenges, but this week's entries were so fantastic I could barely even choose a winner. So I am indeed going to post them.

The challenge was to use a layout different than their usual. And the contestants chose every layout you could ever think of.


1999 by ducktape


new lay-out style: splurge or steal?
new lay-out style: splurge or steal? by lovelierlala


by doxophobia


~Flutterby~ by StyleChix19 (a.k.a Speedy)


...Change Positions...
...Change Positions... by ::oXia::


& I'm that Cliche Romantic Girl - the one who's wearing grey and black & wished her love will finally come to her knees.
& I'm that Cliche Romantic Girl - the one who's wearing grey and black & wished her love will finally come to her knees. by monkeyonice679 wants peace☮


I went to a garden party...
I went to a garden party... by Leonette


PFNTS: Let me go tonight.
PFNTS: Let me go tonight. by Beyond.These.Walls

And the winner of the mini challenge is....

She knows. And you'll all find out on results night.

Friday, January 9, 2009

PFNTS - Challenge One Results

First of all, I would like to congratulate SarahStarship on her mini challenge win. Her set was very chic. It would have been great if it wasn't eco friendly. But every single piece was. Which definitely made it green. Since the judging of this challenge is done through a point system, I decided to reward her with 4 bonus points. Here is her winning set:

Go Green.
Go Green. by Sarah Starship.™

I'd also like to mention dashstarr's set because it was really really great.

Go GREEN! by Miss Dash [off]

Now for judging. How this is going to work...I am going to offer up a critique of each of your entries. This isn't meant to be rude, so please please please don't take it this way. It's constructive criticism. After the critiques I am going to call each of your names from highest score to lowest until we are left with the bottom two. Then it's the drama and the inevitable disappointment. So here we go.

Critiques, in no particular order.

ducktape: I personally love that your set wasn't too costume-y and completely wearable...By the brave. Short shorts are always amazing. A nice bit of spunk for this outfit. The layout was fantastic. There is the matter of matching the accessories though. As one judge said, "I'm not sure if the clutch is the best option with this particular outfit." And I must agree. Also, you might want to work in some jewelry to add a little bit more points of interest. Your layout is great.

Stylechix19: Your set was very wearable. I like the colour theme. It could have used a little extra oomph though. It may have been a little too safe. But really great nonetheless. In regards to the layout, it may have been just a little too much background. It's hard to find a point of focus. One judge said, "The set felt a little too busy, I wasn't quite sure where to look at times." And we all pretty much agree.

monkeyonice: Your set has a lot of potential. But it doesn't seem to be quite there yet. Personally, you have my favourite shoes of the challenge. It's indisputable among the judges that the items you chose were fantastic and very obviously circus inspired. However, it may have been too much all in one. I think without the jacket, this set would have been so much greater. You need to work on your layout. The layout can make an otherwise interesting set look kind of boring. The balance was off. "It goes from too much on the left side to not much at all on the right," is what one judge had to say. One of the judges also thought that there was far too much white space. Try to work on that.

doxophobia: You surprised me with your choices here. As well, as another judge, "I would never have thought of using that dress." I honestly had to look at it for a minute and wonder whether I thought circus while looking at this. And I do. Your accessories are fantastic and your layout is good. Very well balanced. You did good with this set, but next time strive for great!

oxia: I feel like your set was just alright. And for the most part the judges agree. I love that it's so bright and colourful. And your layout is very interesting. But I just feel like there wasn't enough. Like the set was missing a lot in the outfit department. You are definitely a stand out in this competition at this point though oxia. You're the only one to have taken the challenge into the clown direction. The judges were impressed by your creativity, "she has just this happy thing going on which I totally like."

lovelierlala: First of all, your name sucks to type. Just putting that out there. Haha. You, my dear, are also a stand out in this competition thus far. I love love love mixed patterns. But another judge disagrees, "The patterns were a bit too much and not really circus-y." So, you are already a topic of disagreement. Nonetheless, you have a definite stand out style and that is certainly appreciated. Your layout...Well, none of us are sure what to think of it. It's not terrible, but it is kind of boring. You might want to work on something to give it more appeal.

SarahStarship: Your set was fantastic. The outfit was beautiful and very wearable. Obviously circus inspired without being too cliche. I loved it. The layout...I understand what you're trying to do with it and if this style works for you, then by all means use it. I think it could use some polishing though. "The presentation could have been better. Some items are tiny and others are in your face big," is what one of the judges thought. Myself and the other judges also agree. You might want to work on resizing and rearranging some of your items so that everything is seen enough to give off the full effect of the outfit. I personally would have liked to have been able to see more of that gorgeous skirt.

LisaMay: Unfortunately, disqualified.

yashila: I'm announcing a disqualification, but to be honest I'm not 100% sure if she even verified her participation. Either way, she will not continue on in the competition.

indecisive_demoniac: One of the judges said, "I loved that you chose a specific character from the circus. I felt you executed that theme well, but the arrangement could have been better. It's a bit messy. The items down in the bottom look thrown in, and they are hard to see." And personally I feel she got that spot on. Another judge said, "It's definitely original and the only "punk circus" look, but I'm afraid it looks a bit too stripper-ish. Just a little, though." Here's the thing with you...You have a very unique aesthetic. I for one, appreciate your view of fashion and for the most part, like it. But generally, most people are confused by it. My advice to you, is to find a way to translate your style in a way that will keep the average person interested or intrigued. You're a tricky one. I think you have tons of potential, but I don't know if you can keep some of the other judges seeing what I do. In regards to your layout...It needs less chaos. A lot of things look like they're just thrown in. A lot of things could have just been eliminated. Overall, you're headed in the right direction. You're still a little rough around the edges though.

dashstarr: aka Miss Dash. :) "The ringmaster is always a pimp. This is why," is what one judge had to say about your set. Your set was fantastic. The outfit itself was very wearable and certainly very ringmaster inspired. Every item is really really great. Except the gloves. It wasn't that you added gloves, or that they didn't fit the theme. It was the pastel colour. You're better to leave the item out entirely, then put it in and have it not fit right. You know what I mean? Your layout is also great. Your items are all very clear....except those gorgeous bracelets. Other than that, great job.

Leonette: I really like your layout. I don't know if it was intentional, but it kind of looks like a girl standing in front of the circus. It must have been intentional. I like the layout a lot. Maybe try placing the items in the bottom a little better though. I mean, it's not poorly done, but try to do something that looks a little more appealing there. As for the outfit...Well, one judge said this, "Again, doesn't feel very circus-y to me. It just feels and looks a little thrown together." And we all agree. I'm thinking you had a really hard time with this challenge. It just...looks like you didn't put any effort into it. And I really don't think it's wearable. It's very elementary. None of the judges really had anything good to say about the outfit. I'm sorry.

jenage: Also, very unfortunately, disqualified.

BluegrassGalBB: "I had a hard time figuring this out, and without the shoes, it's pretty pedestrian and not very exciting," is what one judge had to say. And it's basically the same across the board. I like that you used the high necked top...But it's still not circus-y at all. It's actually very disappointing. The boots are great. But that's really it. There are no accessories at all. The outfit isn't awful, it's just boring. Your layout also needs a lot of work. It's far too jammed up and the placement of certain items makes the set look even more drab. You really need to work on this all around. There's some definite potential there though. You have a great idea here, but you should have taken more risk.

So there we have it, the painful critiques. And I bet you're all assuming that because there were three disqualifications there will be no elimination...Well, you thought too soon. So, here we go. Fingers crossed.

I have eleven talented young ladies before me. But I will only call ten names. And those names will represent the ladies still in the running to become Polvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Let's get started. (haha, that gave me the giggles.)

SarahStarship...You have the highest score this week. Congratulations. You are still in the running.

ducktape...Congratulations my dear. You're stuck with us for another round.

dashstarr...You are also still in the running to become Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

lovelierlala...I know you were anxious to hear this. I am happy to finally be able to tell you that you are safe for another round.

doxophobia...You are also with us for another challenge.

indecisive_demoniac...I think you're great. You have another chance to make the judges see why.

Stylechix19...You are still in the running darling.

oxia...You, and your colourful goodness, are still in the running to being Polyore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

monkeyonice...You are safe this week.

Now, will Leonette and BluegrassGalBB please step forward. I have two lovely ladies with all the potential standing in front of me, but I only have one name to call. The person's name I call will still be in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. The name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

Both of you seem to have similar problems. Your layouts have a lot of potential, and so does your style. You just NEED to put more effort in. So, who stays, and who goes?




......... are still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.


BluegrassGalBB...I'm sorry. I lied. You're also still in the running to becoming Polyvore's Next Top Stylist. Sorry for making you pee yourself. Congratulations! ...On still being in the running, not peeing yourself. Work your butt off darling, we know you have it in you. I can't wait to see what you have for me next week.

Congratulations to everyone for making it through. This was a great first week. Keep up the good work. ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PFNTS-Challenge One Entries.

First challenge of the contest I am hosting at called Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

Geek Love.

The title may be misleading. I read a book not long ago with this title (Geek Love) and when I thought up this challenge, I couldn't help but name it that. A Geek is not a book worm like you might think. It's actually the person who bites off the heads of the chickens in the carnival.

Hence, this challenge is inspired by one episode in particular from the seventh Cycle of ANTM. Your set must be inspired by the CIRCUS. Pretty simple, but still quite a challenge. Your entries are to be sent to me via pm on the forum by Wednesday January the 7th 2009. Have fun! Wink


Welcome to the Big Top... by StyleChix19 (a.k.a Speedy)


wanna switch position? by lovelierlala


Geek Love. by Sarah Starship.™


A day at the circus. by Beyond.These.Walls


by doxophobia


Dear Mom and Dad, by Leonette


If You're Not Part of the Freaks, You're Part of the Boredom by ducktape


All eyes on me in the center of the ring..[part deux] by Miss Dash [on]


...Circus... by ::oXia::


PFNTS - C1 - Geek Love - Hoopgirl by indecisive_demoniac (~Lily)


Geek Love. by monkeyonice679 wants peace☮