Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge 3 Entries

It's in the Stars.

Each contestant was given a zodiac sign and they were to create their set based on this sign. They were expected to do some research into the sign and style their set accordingly.

So, here are this week's entries.

oxia (Aries)

...It's In the Stars...
...It's In the Stars... by ::oXia::

Bluegrass (Gemini)

Gemini. by Beyond.These.Walls

lala (Cancer)

the moon is mine
the moon is mine by lovelierlala

Stylechix (Leo)

King of The Jungle
King of The Jungle by StyleChix19 (a.k.a Speedy)

indecisive (Virgo)

PFNTS - C3 - It's In the Stars - Virgo
PFNTS - C3 - It's In the Stars - Virgo by indecisive_demoniac (~Lily)

ducktape (Libra)

For all the beautiful things
For all the beautiful things by ducktape

monkeyonice (Scorpio)

Sally Can Wait.
Sally Can Wait. by monkeyonice679 wants peace☮

Leonette (Saggitarius)

Sagittarius by Leonette

SarahStarship (Aquarius)

It's In The Stars.
It's In The Stars. by Sarah Starship.™

dashstarr (Pisces)

PFNTS by мιѕѕ ∂αѕн [off]

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