Friday, February 20, 2009

Challenge 7 Results.

The winning mini challenge entry belonged to lovelierlala. Very well deserved, I might add.

oh snap
oh snap - by lovelierlala on

I also received a gorgeous entry from our lovely ducktape. I'm quite fond of the the little alien pin and the jacket it is attached to.

Soon there's lots of exotic deformed babies/somehow that's not our fault.
Soon there's lots of exotic deformed babies/somehow that's not our fault. - by ducktape on

Okay, so, let me say for starters, that this week was an overall disappointment. All but one of your scores are at an all time low. Pick it up ladies. I don't want to feel so indifferent about who stays and who goes in this competition. Especially at this point. Make me, and the judges, care!

This week, to make up for last week's lack of judge quotation, I am going to say but a sentence by myself. Followed by a sentence by each judge. For each entry.


SarahStarship: 1. Boring, boring, boring. 2. It just feels off. 3. The layout leaves a lot to be desired for me... the photo of the dress takes up half the set and everything else is pushed into the other half. 4. It's downright boring, lacking any unique qualities. 5. I guess there's some 60s influence... somewhere?

indecisive_demoniac: 1. A little too S&M, not enough fashion. 2. I think it's still too much of your own style than of an interpretation. 3. I don't get why you chose a gothic theme here when she is totally not gothic. 4. I enjoyed reading her description and seeing how much thought she put into each piece. 5. Indecisive did a fabulous job of incorporating all the elements of the assigned icon into her own personal style.

ducktape: 1. I really just do not see Jackie-O in this at all. 2. It is interesting to see a more radical take on Jackie-O, who is a personal favorite of mine. 3. I just find it a bit boring compared to her past sets... usually she takes more risk.
4. Not classy, elegant Jackie at all. 5. A little crazy for Jackie O, but she'd totally work it.

Stylechix: 1. I think you chose the right elements (ie. the body suit) but the wrong style (ie. the LACE body suit). 2. I know Lady GaGa tends to not wear actual clothes in public, but I was hoping for some more than just a lace bodysuit and bling. 3. This is all over the place. 4. It's a nice set, just something seems a little bit lacking with the layout. 5. I do think it embodies the character well, though.

lovelierlala: 1. Every single piece is utter perfection. 2. I like the asymmetrical top because it adds a little of the flirtatious, sexy look of von Teese.
3. Very nice... I really like the layout. 4. I just think it could have been a little spicier and I wish the font hadn't covered up the lingerie so much! 5. I like the mix of conservative (for her, anyway) and the lingerie.

So there you have it.

I have five iconic women standing before me. But only four names to call. Those names will represent the four girls still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

The first name I am going to call...

LALA...You're the only one who indisputably achieved the goal of this challenge. Congratulations. You've once again proven yourself to be a major front runner in this competition.

ducktape...Personally, your set disappointed the hell outta me. I beg you not to disappoint me again. Please.

indecisive_demoniac...You've come so far. Don't change directions on us.

Will Stylechix and SarahStarship please step forward. I have two beautiful young ladies standing before me. But only one name left to call. (For real this time, I swear.) The girl who's name I do not call must immediately return to the forum, pack her imaginary belongings, and go home (figuratively).

SarahStarship...You began at the very top of this competition. However, these past few weeks you have not only fallen behind, but you've stayed there. You're consistently failing to impress us. And it kills me because I know you're so much better than this.

Stylechix...You've basically stayed in the middle of this competition. I think you have yet to really prove yourself and show us exactly what you are made of. I know there's a spark there, but this late in the game...Do you really deserve the chance to show us?

So, on one hand, I have a girl who shown bright and faded out. And on the other, I have a girl who is waiting for her chance to shine. Who stays and who goes?





Stylechix...We've seen some spark, and we want to see it ignite. You're still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist. Congratulations.

SarahStarship, I'm sorry, but you're time with us has run out. We were happy to have you my dear.

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