Friday, February 13, 2009

Challenge 6 Results.

So, ducktape is the mini challenge winner. Here is her set:

Trinket Box
Trinket Box - by ducktape on

So, I've been working like a mad man lately. It is midnight as I type this. I will be waking up in seven hours to go and do another long ass shift. SO...Hopefully you all can understand that the critiques this week are going to be pretty short and simple. I need to get my ass to bed asap. Judges, please don't be offended that I don't include quotes from you guys this week...It just takes so much damn time and effort of which I do not have right now.

So, here we go again....

Leonette: The judges were split on your set. Personally, it kind of reminds me of the female character from the Queen of the Damned movie (can't remember her name), and I think that's kind of cool. BUT, I don't really see LUST here. It's kinda sexy, but lust? Hm...Kinda, but not quite. It's also far too wearable to fall under the "high fashion" category. Some of the other judges on the other hand, loved it. As far as layout...It's alright.

indecisive: I knew you would get the whole high fashion bit of the challenge. It was flawless as far as that goes. But I really do not see gluttony when I look at this set. How is goth gluttonous? Your sets are improving as far the judges are concerned though. Just try to think things through a little more in the future.

Stylechix: I thought this was fantastic. Everything from the layout to every single item was very thoughtful. Very high fashion. I love the colour choice. My only issue here is that it might just be a tad too cliche. I know you're limited on what you can really do high fashion on Polyvore. Try to think outside the box in the future.

SarahStarship: It works. You really thought about this and I think that really shows. Sloth isn't overly exciting, so to see that you didn't go overboard with this was a great relief. One little thing...The sweater would have been better to not be included. I think this would have made it appear a little bit more high fashion.

ducktape: A very modern take on Wrath. Really, I was expecting red rage. But this is really true to what's going on in the world. Every piece is very well thought out. And the layout is very appropriate. Great job, as usual.

lala: The artwork you chose to include blew my mind. It's perfection. Again, I have the same criticism for you as I had for Stylechix...A little cliche. The same thing we keep seeing. But overall, a great execution. It really shows envy and it's definitely high fashion. Excellent layout.

oxia: Personally, I really liked your set. It's very superhero/villain-ish and I think that portrays pride extremely well. Like ducktape's I feel like yours was extremely well thought out and very modern. The other judges, however, feel like your set was a little boring.

So, I have seven deadly sins standing before me. But I only have six names to call. Those names represent those of you still in the running to becoming Polyvore Forum's Next Top Stylist.

The first name I am going to call is....

ducktape...Back on top.

lala...You've improved consistently. Keep it up.

Stylechix...You've also improved tremendously. Good job.

SarahStarship...You're still in the running.

indecisive...You're safe.

Will Leonette and oxia please step forward. I have two lovely ladies standing before me. But only one of you is still in the running. The person's name I call will be that girl. The name I do not call will be the girl who must immediately return to the forum, pack her belongings, and go home.

Leonette: You've been here many times before. You're just not standing out to us. You continue to struggle to be on top.

oxia: You've also been here before. You've had a couple of really amazing sets. But for the most part, your sets have left us disappointed. I feel like we've kept you around just waiting for you to do something really great.

So, who stays and who goes? On one hand we have the girl who's mostly in the middle. On the other, we have the girl who flip flops from great to not great at all.





I'm sorry, but you are both eliminated from the challenge. Leonette, oxia, it was a blessing to have you in this competition. You will be missed greatly!

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