Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Recently I was bored out of my mind and flicking through the channels on that lovely little picture box also known as a television set and I came across this lovely little show called Pushing Daisies. Aside from the stunning brightness, witty dialogue, and, well, looking at Lee Pace, I rather enjoyed the beautiful costumes. The costume designer is Robert Blackman. The man hasn't really done anything remarkable in his career. He did Star Trek and American Gladiators way back in the day. So I would certainly call Pushing Daisies the highlight of his career.

Anyhow, for my first Polyvore loving post I decided to highlight a few Pushing Daisies inspired sets. Enjoy the joyful goodness. And then eat some pie.

The lovely neya showed us this lovely little creation.

Pushing Daisies by neya

The fantastic Harpweaver put this together.

death by love... by Harpweaver

One by yours truly, aka TripMyWire.

193. by TripMyWire

This cute set was brought to you by 18november.

gruyere in the crust by 18november

And finally the lovely twinklestar put together this lovely combo.

pushing daisies...missing it! by twinklestar

Hope these sets brought you a little joy.

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Harpweaver said...

Love it! And I'm so flattered that you used one of my sets:)