Monday, October 13, 2008


So yesterday I bought this fantastic plaid handbag that I absolutely adore. SO...Today I am going to bring you some current looks with great plaid pieces.

The fantastic mau.fredes shows us how to work this incredible plaid top.

Viscose top, McQAlexander Mcqueen & Viscose top, McQAlexander Mcqueen, $255, visit Wool and linen plaid vest, Araks by mau.fredes

elena makes this simple plaid dress look classy and chic.

[31/50] plaid (this wasn't supposed to be a revolution) by .elena

Plaid pants have always been a favourite of mine. Orangurple styles them perfectly.

Fall Fashion Classics : Plaid Pants by Orangurple

StylishNewYorker makes the essential plaid jacket look classy.

Plaid by StylishNewYorker(takingrequests)

New comer eronysle spices up a somewhat casual outfit with a fun plaid bag.

Payday by eronysle

So, what have we learned today kids? Keep plaid simple. Don't pile it on. One basic plaid piece is enough for an outfit.

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