Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun t-shirts.

I love a great t-shirt. Who doesn't? Recently I went on a frenzy, saving as many great t-shirts as I could find. I enjoy trying to make a t-shirt look fashionable minus the typical jeans combo.

In homage to the beautiful Heath Ledger...

remembering heath ledger. by kneesock

blue, black, grey, beige by doxophobia

Hold on tight, its a roller coaster ride we're on. by M A N D A [jb] < 3

happy thanksgiving to the fools, dum dee dee by DANI ZE FLYING LEMON!

208 I'm not afraid of the DARK! by 3welinka

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Anonymous said...

I know, I love me some good tees as well! in real life and on polyvore. great blog.

Miss Yujin said...

I love fun t-shirts, but I seem to suck at picking them well. I always buy a t-shirt laughing at what it says, and later hate the look of it. =/

Miss Yujin said...

Hey, you've been tagged!

kneesock said...

thanks for using my set! =)